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Doggy Has It Nature Fun Camp
- Not a boarding kennel, but an all-inclusive pawcation!!

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Not at all a boarding facility like the others. Many kennels are designed to impress the owners, ours is catering to the senses and needs of your dog. Our motto is: "A tired dog is a happy dog!" Happiness and exercise is key to a successful and stressfree stay! Your dog will not be caged away. When the resident dogs go out, your dog goes too. When the resident dogs get a treat, yours do as well. When we play, we all play. When we go exploring, your dog is free to take the lead. When we go to bed, everybody gets their good night snuggles.

All dogs will be given the same love and attention. We do not treat one dog better than the other because their family paid for extra perks. All fun is the same for everybody in our daily rate. This includes outside fun and entertainment with enrichment activities, treats, games, chew bones, agility play, doggy ice cream for the night, prairie walks, as many blankets as needed and all stay in oversized, open view kennels on chew proof cods, even the little furballs. You do not need to bring anything, but your own dog’s food and an item to snuggle up with at night. Everything else, bed, bowls, etc. will be provided.

During the day, Anja will consistently work with your dog on manners and unwanted behaviors to make the stay safe and enjoyable for everybody. Her dogs are very comfortable and calm within their own environment and it helps visiting dogs feel safe and takes the edge off dogs that get stressed. Everybody can get along, relax and enjoy their stay.

If weather permits, we will explore our 5-acres multiple times a day. Dogs don't eliminate on themselves in their kennel. We start the day going potty at 6:00am, after resting their breakfast they then go out until lunch time. They nap for an hour, go back out to play and the last time we potty around 10pm. Staff is there 24 hours a day. The all natural backyard is like prairie land with a forest preserve with an and fun agility playground. The untouched land is like heaven to all canine noses. (Talk about a kid in a candy store) Unlike the usual warehouse lockups, your dog will be kept in a cozy room with plenty of windows for natural daylight and fresh air. We have been kennel cough outbreak free since opening our doors to you. We are here for companionship, which other places lack. Anja will spend real quality time with your dog and seek it’s friendship, so it does not feel abandoned. She believes in creating a soothing atmosphere with the use of calming music, essential oils especially formulated for dog's body and mental stimulation to distract them from missing you. To keep it pleasant and sanitary, we accept only a very limited amount of dogs at the same time. We do not accept heavy barkers to for the love to our neighbors and other furry guests.

We do not accept heavy barkers for the love to our neighbors and other furry guests.

Boarding rates incl. all daycare activities:

  • $59 for 1 dog
  • $80 for 2 dogs under 30lbs
  • $90 for 2 dogs 30lbs and up
  • $110 for 3 dogs under 30 lbs
  • $130 for 3 dogs 30lbs and up
  • 4 dogs or more, please inquire for special rate (1st dog full rate, 10% off for all additional)

Stays over 14 days may be discounted.

An additional charge of $15 applies, if dogs from the same household require separate kennels or if your dog needs to be isolated for behavior or health reasons. All dogs get plenty of opportunity to empty themselves and an additional fee of $10/day may apply, if your dog requires extra clean up. Administering of medication, supplements, or any other medical care provided will be charged as needed. Rates apply from the day you drop off until 10am of the last day. Beyond then you will be charged for another full day of boarding daycare. Saturday and Sunday hours are 8-10am only. Payments are accepted in cash, check or Chase QuickPay. Have a lovely doggy day!


Fine Print-
This operation required a special use zoning permit from the Kane County Board. There are stipulations that came with the approval in order to keep the peace with neighbors. Please be understanding, if we have to refuse your dog for my boarding services. Dogs that are aggressive, destructive or notorious barkers are not allowed to stay at this property. We want everybody to be relaxed, have fun and be safe. All boarding dogs need to have a valid rabies, bordatella (or waiver) and distemper shot. It's the law! Call Anja, if your dog does not have these shots to discuss what waivers may apply (e.g. puppies).






Sometimes we even board cute reptiles
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